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    I bought a 680 two weeks ago. All of my apps and data from my 650 transferred beautifully. Now the 680 resets each time I receive a text message.

    I have the following 3rd part apps installed:

    Ringo Pro
    Agendus Pro

    (I've done resets and removing apps to see if there's a conflict. Nothing seems to work.)

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    How did you transfer "apps and data" from the 650?
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    After I used the 680 install disc and then performed a hotsync. Everything appeared to be working fine at the time.
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    That is not the recommended way to go about it. See the sticky in this forum

    Upgrade Path -- Prior PalmOS Device to Treo 680
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    As has already been said.....when upgrading devices it is NOT advised to simply Hotsync everything over as some of the preferences on your old device can/will cause problems on your new device (which you obviously can see).

    Do a hard reset on your new Treo and erase everything. On your computer, look under the Palm installation folder for one that is the same as your hotsync name. Move this folder somewhere else.

    Now when you hotsync your Treo it will not copy over any of the old programs or preferences however your memos, notes, etc should transfer over.
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    Worked great. Thank you for your help! :-)

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