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    It seems that whenever I plug in my Hotsync cable, sometimes it recognizes the computer and sometimes it doesn't. At times, a popup in the system tray says "unrecognized usb device". Anyone got any tips how to fix it? I'm not sure if the metal connectors on my phone are dirty. Is there a safe way to clean it? Seems like when I blow on the connectors and replug it in, it helps.
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    I had the same problem, replaced the cable and all is fine. Got a cheap sync/charge one on eBay with a sync button for $11 delivered.
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    Exact same problem here. I tried cleaning and it helped (I think) but then just got bad again. VZW replaced it but with an MR updated phone that can't stay conncted to the data network. You can't win with these clowns. I'm sending back the 1.10 phone and will try cleaning the contacts of the old 700p with alcohol and a q-tip.

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