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    i recently purchased the treo 755p , but i been having problem , wish i went with the mogul o well , anyways , i heard i cant send picture text, is that true , also i have a 2gig card for it , and is there a way to play mp3s from there so i dont use the internal memory? also i tried to connect with my friends moto razr bluetooth to transfer pictures cant , what am i doing wrong there , like i turned on my bluetooth and he sent out a signal and it found my device but he could not send it since it said it was to busy
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    You can send picture text, actually it just uploads the picture to a server and sens a link in the text message for the recipient to view the pic.

    You can play mp3's from the miniSD card using pTunes.

    Dunno what you're doing wrong with the Bluetooth issue, sounds like user error to me though.
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    really so it wont cost the people i send the picture to $5 , thats what a sprint rep told me at the sprint store , and about the ptunes thing , how is there a way in ptunes to select the mp3 because i go on thier and it cant find it , o well
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    well man , i figured out the ptunes , just a little harder then i expected , thanks

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