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    Has anyone received their form back due to Post Office being unable to deliver?
    The address was on it perfectly, but it seems that the "forward time expired"
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    I just read this today from a link in another post here on treocentral. Here's the info from #7 on the link below:

    "If you receive your Kellogg rebate submission back with a yellow sticker saying "FORWARD TIME EXP RTN TO SEND" this does not mean you rebate has been rejected. You will probably notice that the envelop has not even been opened. Write a letter saying your rebate was returned with a note saying the "forward time expired" and you called support who told you to fax it in. Then fax the note along with everything for your rebate to 1-866-422-2901 (Attention: Resubmission Department). TY Gaines."
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    Awesome, Thanks so much.

    any clue what TY Gaines is or stands for?
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    I think the thread moderator is saying thanks- TY to someone with a screen name of Gaines. I posted that link in the other thread. Thanks for porting it over here Rick. I am concerned because I sent my form in mid June and have not gotten it back nor heard anything about the rebate. When did you send yours in Freak?

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