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    Here is the question. I use yahoo email. I prefer using the webbased service over using any dedicated software like outlook or eudora on my computer which requires downloading the email first to my computer. Is there any program that would allow me to download my new yahoo emails to my visor and then compose and upload new emails to the yahoo servers (without the use of a program like outlook or eudora)?

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    AvantGo Wireless has a "Yahoo Mail" Channel, but I'm not sure if you can use it without a modem of some type. You don't really need a wireless modem - if you had a Springport or Thinmodem module, you could access it that way too.
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    I'll look into the yahoo avantgo channel. I'm not looking to get email via wireless or via modem with my visor. I just want to synch in the morning and download my yahoo email into my visor, and then synch at night and upload any email I have writen.
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    You'll still need a Visor modem and a PalmOS email app if you don't want to go through your desktop email app. Yahoo has a POP3 access option that can, for example, allow Outlook to retreive your mail and then use the Mail conduit to sync it to the Visor.

    To get it directly from Yahoo to the Visor, you'd need to dialup and send/recieve with an email app. Or, you could look into the online sync software they support - TrueSync and IntelliSync, I believe.
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