Ok I'm sure there are already posts out there on this, but for the life of me I cannot find them:

All of a sudden this morning my Treo is failing on Bootup. It gets to "Palm OS Powered by ACCESS" and just sits there. Doing the reset while holding Up gets me into the Treo in it's "safe mode", so I'm sure it's some 3rd party software killing me that is loading on boot. The last software I installed was Butler, last week, and it's had no problems rebooting (it does about 1-2x a day) until now. I've removed it anyways and no change.

What software is out there I can use to find out what is loading into the background? Is there software to list what will load on bootup (and possibly disable them?)

Thanks! I feel so nakid without my Treo working

PS - I make nightly backups of my Treo to an SD Card, but foolish me I removed my SD Card a few days ago and forgot to put it back in. Figures the one time I need to restore and I can't