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    I am currently on sprint, and they charge to forward calls to my office number. I am looking for, or have an idea for an app, that could be very cost effective. Is there an app that would automatically launch the conference call function of the phone, and dial out to another number and then connect.

    My office is out of my home basement. I have horrible sprint coverage in the basement location. With an application like this, I could leave the phone upstairs ( good signal), when a call come in, it would launch the conference call state of the phone and dial out and connect to my office land line.

    In this scenario I could avoid the minute call forwarding charges by sprint, and use my 700p's pooled minutes for clear forwarded calls.
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    You can ask some developers at to make one for you.
    I ask for a cantonese version of announce call for lightwav and they made one for me.

    I don't think you can do call forward and conference at the same time. The conference call would still suffer from bad signal from the 700p?

    IIRC There is a "call forward" thinggy in lightwav beta.
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    I suggested this function to the developer of CallFilter, but since then he has gone on hiatus.

    There is one problem in doing this on Sprint's network. When you do a conference call, you have to wait for the third party you are calling to answer before you can connect the 2 calls; otherwise, the phone will disconnect the 3rd party. This poses a pretty big problem in trying to automate this-you can't tell (programmatically) when the 3rd party answers.

    I used to be with Cingular ions ago and their network would allow you to connect the 3rd party before they answered. Also, my landline would do the same. Not sure why it doesn't work with Sprint, but perhaps this is just the way they implemented 3-way on their network.


    During a 3-way call, any landlines connected in the conference are not affected by a weak signal in the originating cell phone while connected; however, if the call drops, then all parties are disconnected.

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