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    is there any free software out there for using the 755p as a GPS device? I know its got google maps, but would like something real-time if possible.

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    nothing for free.. I use mapopolis and others use TomTom
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    TomTom for street navigation, GeoNiche for geocacheing, walking, hiking, etc.

    GeoNiche has a bit of learning curve, but is awesome and can be customized to your needs. You can use it to produce GPX file that can be run through for graphing, Google earth, etc. Also, support is great.
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    I just recently purchased the Garmin Mobile 20. It comes with Mobile XT and so far I am very pleased with it.
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    Try earthcomber, its free and has gps support (assuming you have some form of gps reciever). Of course the gps isn't as nice as tomtom but it works.
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    its not free, but I use the Garmin Mobile 10, with Mobile XT software... The early versions of Mobile XT were buggy, but the newer versions are pretty stable...
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