I was gone for a week and came back to find my Palm contacts back to a version I had several years ago--along with memos etc. I was a little freaked since I had done a sync before I left. My 650 was up to date with all the contacts, memos, calender etc. I have no idea what caused this except I had enabled my calender to sync with my Outlook for the first time about a month ago.

I went in to the Palm utlities and changed the sync setting for everything to have the phone over ride--so everything on my phone was added to Palm PC database. Now I am concerned if this is the right way to have the sync set up. I will update contacts on my desktop as well as contacts/memos on 650 while out of office. Do my updates done on PC in Palm software get moved over based on how I have my sync settings. Should I change the sync setting back to the default setting that was there before--believe it checks PC and 650 for changes. Just could not believe what I saw for my contacts--very strange and don't think anyone touched my PC. All is fine now. Any comments appreciated. This event only happened once in three yeas.