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    I had maybe a thousand text messages in my 755p and (for the second time) deleted all of them.

    Since I hotsynced without knowing this, I assume I am screwed correct?

    I have searched for more info on "messaging database" but found very little?

    This sucks.
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    Just to make it clear, I didn't delete them, the phone decided to on its own.
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    This happened to me yesterday. The treo's screen was off and wouldn't respond to anything so I took the battery out and put it back it. When it turned back on *poof* all my text messages were gone.

    Something similar happened a few weeks ago with my contacts. That time didn't involve me taking the battery out though. My contacts just disappeared. I re-synced and got them all back but these two random deletions are weirding me out.
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    All my contacts "auto-deleted" the other day as well.
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    same here
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    I've had both these happen, on the 700p, and the 755p. It seems to be something to do with the Palm OS.
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    Any find a solution?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtoatley View Post
    Any find a solution?
    I don't know why this happens... but for this reason (and other) we started last year a project called Treodesktop!

    My only one suggest, for you, is to periodically save (backup) a copy of the Messages_Database.pdb into a secure location, ready to be sent back to the Treo when the "autodelete" occours... or - better - save a copy of your text messages on desktop using our software.

    I believe that Palm should FIX that bug!!!

    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer
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    Funny, this happened to me for the first time ever about two days ago. Mind you, I have been using a 700p - and it had never happened before. I was only about 9 days into using a 755 when I took a picture, hit the envelope icon to send it with Picture Messaging, then the phone rebooted. When it came to, *poof* no more text messages.

    I restored them right away since I was at home but... wow.

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