I just received the link for the software update for the Treo 700p. The only two benefits I can see is a better browser experience and 4 gb sd cards. The benefits listed at the following link aren't something I really need.


The update also suggested I keep my Treo plugged in during the update. Well, I have a usb cradle w/o a direct AC plug. It charges through the PC. Apparently, the connector was lost by the previous owner. Should I be concerned about no direct AC connection?

The two major irritations: 1) the browser refusing to connect at times; 2) the turn on the phone and reset for no reason.

Considering these options, do I risk turning my ONLY phone into a brick? I'm going to call Verizon and make sure if something happens my insurance will replace my phone.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions would be appreciate. Thanks!