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    The original 755p battery is rated at 1600mAh. 650 batteries are rated at 1800mAh, and are about 2mm thicker.

    The connections are correct. It occurs to me that by milling out a hole in the back cover, and adhesing a shallow extension of the cavity (only 2mm or so), I could use the 650 batteries. For example, I could use a piece of 3-4mm stock, mill a cavity to fit, bevel the edges, and glue it in place -- it would look fine - perhaps even techie. Of course, the simple approach is to cut the hole and stick a piece of tape over it...

    Has anyone done something like this? With a simple taped-on tab, swapping batteries would be quick and simple.

    Where can I get spare original back covers?
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    I wouldn't cut the original battery cover if I didn't absolutly have to.

    Check out this discussion: since it sounds like what you are asking. The folks over there found a battery and cover that was meant for the 750 on ebay for about $20 including shipping. An example of the package can be found at:

    btw, I don't have any first hand experience on this, so check out the first link for more info. I might buy the package later though, depending on how long my battery seems to last.

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