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    Hi everyone. I'm trying to Sync my Treo 650 with Lexis Nexis Practice Advantage (Timematters 8), which has all the necessary functionality built into the program allready. BUT, when I sync it, nothing shows up. No contacts, matters, calendar entries... nothing.

    It says everything synched just fine, but nothing appears on my phone.

    Could it be a free space issue? Do i not have enough free space? If that were the case should'nt the phone tell me what's going on?

    I also noticed that in my custom area for my synching, for calendar, contacts, tasks, memos, they all say "DO NOTHING". Changing them to Synch creates a conduit collision.

    Maybe my time matters isn't properly setting it's self up for the synch? I'd expect maybe more options in that custom menu...

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME! I need to set this up for my whole office! And some of them are using the 700's as well.. can anyone offer any help? Thanks so much in advance!
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