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    So my 9 month-old 700p's connector on the bottom of the phone no longer reliably connects to my PC and VZW sent me a replacement. Sure enough, it came pre-loaded with the MR, v1.10. I activated it and immediately noticed that the signal it gets is far worse than my old phone. I can't even begin to get a signal and the roaming indicator comes on (that's the triangle, right?) I've never even seen the roaming indicator come on with my old 1.06 phone. I'm sending this 1.10 back and demanding a phone that works. I just can't believe what a debacle this 700p is. 9 months waiting for the MR and then when it arrives, it's all screwed up. Then they re-release it and it still stinks. Way to go Palm, you are TERRIBLE. As soon as I possibly can, I'm switching, but the sad, sad thing is that the 700p is still my best option. How can there be no better option in a free, capitalist society??? What does that say?
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    The triangle shows that your phone is on a GPRS or EDGE network and is within range. Changes to horizontal one sided arrows when connected.

    The number of bars is what you are interested in.
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