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    I work in healthcare and am wondering (in your opinion) how well the soft housing of the 755 will hold up to being sanitized, i.e. wiped with an alcohol wipe. I've read about the burgundy 755 having its color rub off - should I be concerned?

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    I used an alcohol wipe on my burgundy 755p to completely clean it before applying a skin to it. I didn't see any damage or loss of color. However I only did this ONCE. Now that I have the skin on I haven't used any more alcohol wipes on it.
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    i would recommend against that, as the alcohol may eat away at the finish if you do it frequent enough.

    I got one of these cases.. check it out, it wraps the whole body (including keyboard). I like it, not too bulky either.
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    scaryjapan, thanks for the advice, I'll sanitize accordingly,

    maybe I'll go the skin route...the seidio crystal case looks tempting, but with no reset hole on the 755, removing the crystal case will get very frustrating fast.
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    Problem with the crystal cases in your situation.. the keyboard is exposed, so it won't help for bacteria or whatever nasty things you deal with!
    might not be worthwhile.
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    I'd put it in a disposable plastic bag, like the half-quart bags. Then you can just toss the bag when you're done.

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    Plastic bag I like, I like

    Actually, I may have exaggerated my situation a bit as I don't deal in the human fluids aspect of the business, however, I do work in a hospital and have to touch alot of keyboards all over the place - some in patient care areas, some in office areas.

    Thanks for the tips and advice, I will tread carefully.
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    Do you, by chance, work in the Restaurant at the End of the Galaxy???
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    Palm's Flexi-Skins are nice too. Covers the keyboard, 5-way, app. buttons, etc.. Easy to take on and off too.
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    I agree with IsLNdbOi. I had the Flexi Skin for my 700 and now have one on my 755....It's her 'work clothes'. I do work in a 'splash zone', so to speak, and I need the protection from blood borne pathogens. If anything happens, I peel the skin, wash it in the appropriate solution, dry, and I'm ready for the next trauma.
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