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    Replaced the Treo 600 battery - not a problem!

    But there was this little L shaped rubber piece that fell out. It is about 1/2 inch long and 1/16 x 1/8 in cross section, the "L" at the end is maybe 1/8 long.

    I can't see any logical place this thing goes back in, and the disassembly pictures on the internet seem to be low resolution.

    Does anyone know where I put this thing???

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    Maybe the piece that helps hold the stylus in?
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    YES!!! YESS!!! YESSSS!!!!
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    Nope, that was not it. The stylus is encased in a clear plastic housing and there is a rubber piece attached to that.

    So I am still looking for where this goes...
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    treor, could you post a pic of the piece. Maybe that would help some of us imagine that extra piece.

    - mvk
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    Here it is, if I have figured out the way to post a picture.

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