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    I went through the hassle of installing all the Java crap so I could try the Opera browser, and I really like it...except that it freezes on launch most of the time, forcing a soft reset on my 700p. Too bad, because if it were usable this would be a perfect answer to the one thing the iPhone has over the Treo.

    Is there anything I should know about getting Opera to work better, or is this just the way it is?

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    I should add that it freezes while trying to access pages pretty often too, so it's not just a start-up problem, it's a problem with what appears to be totally buggy software.
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    Which version are your running?
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    4N - I just downloaded it today.
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    I am hoping that this is an a) Treo 700p specific problem and b) going to get fixed soon. Opera promised to extend just a little more life out of this aging platform. Hey, Palm aint gonna do it.
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    Nope, it also don't work on my 755. I doubt it ever will...Palm needs to make the changes first.
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    Palm should have embraced Java fully, so many more apps and services would be on the Palm platform at this point.
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    Well, I'm not surprised that the problems aren't limited to the 700p, because as far as I can see there's not a lot of difference with the newer models. It's too bad, because the browser works just the way it should - you see the whole page, then tap to zoom in and drag to scroll wherever you want.

    That's not as sexy as the iPhone's system of spreading two fingers to zoom in and "throwing" the page in any direction like it's sliding on a smooth surface, but it works. And most importantly you can view standard web pages, while Cheesy Sport Jacket only works properly with primitive mobile sites.

    But after poking around, I see there is one more thing to try: upgrading to the new Java. I'll try that and post back...
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    What new JAVA are you talking about. J2ME by IBM is the only Java App that works on the 700p, and that was released in "05". Is there a new release?
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    This is sort of a noob question...where do you get the IBM java from? When I go to Palm's website, it said it's only available to treo 650 and some other pdas, and I need to pay to get it on other pdas?
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    There's WEME 5.7, but it looks like you're right, Demo - I have the updated one installed.

    cl191, the one for the 650 works on the 700 as well. You have to pay $6.50 to register as a Palm developer.

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