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    I seriously have to wonder if it was intentionally this bad to push people towards the 755 or if was just poor R&D...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProMed View Post
    I seriously have to wonder if it was intentionally this bad to push people towards the 755 or if was just poor R&D...
    It Q&A. Not unusual unfortunately. Software testing is typically done in a controlled environment. The real world is uncontrolled. Which is why there really is no such thing as "bug free software". There is software that has bugs that have been found, and software that has bugs that have not been found.
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    I'm steering clear of the MR. While it would be nice to see the "Blazer lag" reduced (which happens to me only intermittantly) and the no-signal issue fixed (I have since learned to shut off the phone when I get on the subway), they don't outweigh the potential data-connection problems, which seem to be afflicting the majority of upgraders. As for Bluetooth, it already works perfectly on my 700p, which I find surprising given all the issues that everyone else is reporting. Seriously, it's flawless -- all I have to do is turn my headset on, and my Treo pairs immediately. What's more, it stays paired, regardless of whether I'm on a call, or not. FWIW, I use an old Motorola HS820. I wonder if it's the headset that's good, and not my Treo?

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    My problems are much less than those caused by the MR, so I may never upgrade. I see some minor lag and but the MR does not promise to fix my main problem where it eats up the battery trying/failing to go from extended network to Verizon. I worked around that by setting it to Verizon only. Hopefully the Linux version will be out about the time my contract is up in late 2008. I firmly believe that all of the problems with the Treo have to do with lack of memory locking and lack of multitasking support. Linux should fix those. If Palm can stay in business that long. Still, if my phone died I'd try to get a 755 since it sounds better.
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    Nope. Haven't installed it. I'm still considering it though. The SMS lock ups drive me crazy. The bluetooth problem, for me right now, is intermittent. I don't use data that much right now so that isn't a main issue... but I damn well don't want to lose it either.
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    Thankfully it sounds like they are possibly now working on and update for the update...
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