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    I installed the ROM update (from the SD card) according to

    However, after rom update, Good is refusing to either restore from the backup from card (as per ) or from a fresh OTA install of Good.

    In either case, the install tries to update itself and gets stuck at "Verivying Certificates" (or something like that) when connected for the first time with the server after restore/OTA install.

    Are there any issues with this ROM? Any updates on the server side that I should inform our Goodlink administrator about?
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    We are using v Everything seems fine since the update on Good. Before I ran the restore/GDInstall I deleted the "Good" from my Treo (but left the others listed under Good alone). It will say you can not delete Good or something to that affect. Hit ok and ran the GDInstall. My issue is with the rest of the Palm OS but that's another thread. Good luck to all who have upgraded.

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