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    Palm has just released their official update to VersaMail. This is after Chamm and I got our own package to work. I have re-packaged the new official version into a single PRC file for easier download & installation without using Hotsync.

    This file will only be available for a short time as I don't want any nasty letters from lawyers so download it quick.

    Here are the instructions from the begining.

    1. You should have already performed the Verizon MR 1.10 firmware update. If you haven't do so by going Here

    If you have done the update I would highly recommend performing a hard reset just to make sure everything is cleared out.

    2. Download my packaged file from Here

    You can download it from your Blazer browser, or download it to a PC or MAC to install via Hotsync, Bluetooth File Transfer or SD card. I like Blazer browser method because I don't need to Hotsync anything, which is better.

    3. After copying the file to your Treo via whatever method you picked above the file will open and will copy the files needed and prompt you to reboot the phone.

    That's it. Enjoy
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    Any idea which files are included in the official fix? I'm wondering if I should leave well-enough alone (My Treo has never worked better!) or if I should apply the official fix. I'm also curious how close I came to the actual fix.
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    You can also email yourself the prc and then open it up as an attachment. I just did it.
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    Do I really need to install 1.10 or can I use this with VZW 1.06?
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    I must say that I have noticed a considerable difference since installing the MR. (And getting Exchange ActiveSync working.) My Treo has generally responded faster, it's easier to use, and overall feels more polished. It's certainly not perfect. It still goes into a coma occasionally while I'm on a call. (Particularly when I'm navigating automatic call routing systems and voice mail.) My bluetooth still drops connection when I'm not on the phone (Although it has never dropped, before or after the update, while I am on a call.) Overall, though, I'm pretty happy with my phone. I still have a year left on the contract, and I feel that I can live with the glitches until that runs out. Who knows what will be out then...
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    Do you have the data connection lost problem with Googlemaps or other data apps?
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    I have never had that problem, before or after the update. The area in which I live is blanketed with Verizon coverage, so that may have something to do with it. I can't even remember the last time I dropped a voice call, and I burn through about 3000 - 4000 minutes per month.
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    Your files are in my opinion the same thing as the official version. I did however notice that there are less files in the official version then what we had originally seen.

    Overall here are the changes in the new package.

    1. Less files to install
    2. Official files in the package changes the email button automatically to open Email as opposed to Wireless Sync.
    3. New package wasn't made with the demo version of Nutshell, which means no prompts.
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    Will this work with the Sprint version of the phone?
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    I'd guess it would install, but it's completely unnecessary. You Sprint guys all got 3.5.4 in your ROM with the MR.
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    True. No need to waste your time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chamm View Post
    I'd guess it would install, but it's completely unnecessary. You Sprint guys all got 3.5.4 in your ROM with the MR.
    And verizon doesn't have 3.5.4?

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    No, Verizon didn't initially update to 3.5.4. I am in no way a Palm insider, but I got the gut feeling from things tech support said to me and things I've seen posted around the Internets that there was some kind of contractual issue Palm was trying to sidestep. I don't know if Sprint had some exclusivity deal on 3.5.4 or if maybe Palm wanted to charge Verizon for the "upgrade" and Verizon balked. I highly suspect that this single issue may have been the reason the Verizon update took a month longer to release. The two companies playing chicken to see who blinked first. The big thing about 3.5.4 is that it supports Exchage ActiveSync push without installing any updaters. With 3.5.1, you had to install a "patch" that would allow for EAS push.

    Whatever the reason, it seems that someone pulling the strings REALLY didn't want 3.5.4 to be released on the Verizon phone. As the community proved, there was absolutely no technological reason they didn't include 3.5.4. They could have included it in the ROM like they did with Sprint, but they chose not to. I think this calendar bug backed them into a corner, to the point where they HAD to release it. Or maybe it convinced Verizon to pay for the update. The world will never know. All I know is that we eventually got the right solution.
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    ok. so i installed the NEW Versamail 3.5.4, but i don't see a bit'o difference. what's this new version supposed to do? (i wasn't having any problems with the old one.) i thought it was supposed to offer "Direct Push"?
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    Can you use this download 3.54 on a Palm TX? If so, which of the 2 listed in your list is the correct one?
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    I was able to apply the update to 3.5.4 (named versamail.prc) on a Palm TX. Thank you Eric for supplying it! Palm was not willing to supply the update, it is not officially released for Palm TX.
    With Versamail 3.1, I had the problem that HotSync failed to backup all files completely when Versamail had been used before. Only a soft reset would lead to a succesful Hotsync again. As far as I can see, this issue is resolved with this update.
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    good evening all, and happy new year from the UK :-)

    does anyone still happen to have the versamail 3.5 update for palm os?

    a blast from the past, treo lives!!!

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