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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to decide between an unbranded Treo from the Palm Store (Canada) or a branded Treo from Rogers Wireless.

    Obviously the unbranded is unlocked, and this would improve the chances for re-sale in the future, but from a technical or similar perspective, is there any advantage to going one way vs. the other? Is all of the software the same? Are there any other differences?

    Any help is appreciated. Many thanks.
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    Branded Treo's have carrier customized software. It is different from but similar to the PALM direct version.

    Speaking generally, the carrier versions are more limited since they tend to restrict features that PALM includes in their version. Also you get the logos of the carrier all over the place and often they will include a few carrier specific programs too.

    As for unlocking, carrier ones are unlockable so no problem there.

    Finally, because of carrier rebates, your upfront cost may be lower although long term you usually end up paying more than say, using a non-at&t carrier.

    Your choice

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