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    Quote Originally Posted by philmair View Post
    This issue has been around since day one of the 680. It is NOTHING to do with third party apps - this is the crap fed to you by Palm support. It is a bug in the 680 firmware - it is more noticable on the unlocked GSM version that the others - presumably because the call carriers have put pressure on Palm to sort it - with the GSM there is no such urgency. And we all know Palm NEVER admists there is a bug or gets around to fixing it - they just release the next product and us suckers buy it.

    So, don't waste your time tracking down the freezing fault - you won't solve it. Either learn to live with it or put your 680 on eBay. Sorry.
    Excuse me .... but I disagree. I have an unlocked Treo680 direct from Palm and have NEVER had this problem, activity or no. Also, I am with T-Mobile so there would be no pressure, as you describe it, to fix anything so I don't think that has anything to do with it. As others have already mentioned it most likely is related to your SIM card or some other third-party software conflict.

    I have to feel a little sorry for Palm support. The fact that there are so many applications to help us personalize our Treos to meet every aspect of our personalities and lifestyles must make it very hard to troubleshoot honest to goodness Treo problems from accidental user caused problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maris View Post
    I have to feel a little sorry for Palm support. ... there are so many applications ....
    Have you actually spoken to one (or more) of them? They couldn't help you with the alphabet. Don't feel sorry for Palm. Feel sorry for their customers.
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    I had a very similar problem, My treo was resetting every 3 or 4 calls when I answered (using either the screen or a button), tried all kinds of fixes from hard reset to change the SIM and reinstalling programs one by one and nothing worked until now. I was ready to ebay it and ask my wife for my old 650.
    I live in Cancun and my provider is Telcel, however all my software and previous Palms had been in English, therefore the Treo 680 was in English too although I got it from Telcel.
    What I did this time was a hard reset and then selected Spanish when prompted, reinstalled only my Contacts, Calendar and Memos and tried reinstalling 3rd party apps only one a day or every few days, so far I havenít have a single crash again.
    The other major change was my SD card, I was using a 2GB extreme Sandisk and now Iím using a 1GB Toshiba, however the decisive factor seems to be the language of the OS, canít explain why, might be that the provider has network protocols or messages that are compatible only with the language in which is meant to be used, canít tell but now my battery lasts for nearly 2 days instead of 1, and the OS is rock solid, after a couple of days I will play again with the 2GB SD card and let you know, hope that this helps those who are ready to use the hammer with the 680.

    Cheers !!
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    I <3 cancun

    im using the fact we need to swap programs as an excuse to go there haha

    well i only speak spanglish
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    Quote Originally Posted by axela View Post
    I'll check out the security patch, but I thought it was included in the last ATTUpdater patch thing.

    Capitano, can you tell my what software you have installed in your treo?
    In particular, do you have mobileClock and/or minitones?


    mobileclock here
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    I must say that I hard-reset the Treo a week ago. Installed basic stuff and well-tested hacks (among them are: KeyCups, Butler, PhoneTechnician, KBLightsOff, Uninstall Manager). I am also using default keyGuard and had not freezes since then.

    I will also try skinner (which I had purchased in the past) and report if any problem appears.
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    I seem to experience this issue only when my Bluetooth feature is turned on, and the phone has been linked to my Jabra BT-250 for a while. The device works fine until a random phone call is received, and the phone gets stuck in ring/vibrate mode and locks up requiring a battery-removing reset. Once the phone turns back on, bluetooth is automaticaly reconnected and everything works fine. This issue has never occured when my bluetooth feature wasn't enabled.
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    I am starting to believe it is a 3rd party software issue.

    Used to have this problem (1 out of 6-7 calls froze my Treo) before hard reset. After hard reset and application of security patch (camera patch came with my Treo) I received almost 40 calls successfully. My installation includes many programs but no hacks (apart from the well tested ones like Phone Tech. Butler, Piloc, KBLishtsOff and KeyCaps).
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    Had the same problem, uninstalled YourCall (I think you don't have it) and problem solved.
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