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    i got a used treo 600 from a fiend's freind who sold me her unit at a bargain basement price. i've been using it for a few months now and have noticed a few things: the LCD has faint yellow spots (a natural occurrance, so i was told), dirt under the LCD (another natural occurrance) and now a thin black line keeps popping up intermittently about a quarter of the way up the LCD. add to this when i got the unit the camera freezes the whole unit when it's being accessed and needs a soft reset. i thought that a hard reset would take care of this, but no dice. an experienced freind told me that i need to replace its board to get the camera going again.

    i've put up my zire 72 up for swap to get the necessary replacement parts for the treo because it's financially prohibitive for me to have palm fix and replace the said parts. i've got a few offers on the table already.

    so, is my treo 600 worth my zire 72? or should i keep my zire, suck it up on the treo and wait and save up for a better model?

    what do you guys think?
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    If you like it and it works, it may be worth keeping, I had to replace 2 batteries and started getting orange splotches on the screen but it kept working, I have now finally gotten a 680 does the same thing and a few more but does it faster.
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    Going on the discussions here, if you are in the USA, you should be able to get a 680 for less than it would cost to replace the screen.
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    #4 recently had offers of one or two new Treos for $0 when signing up for a new single or family talk plan with 2yr commitment. Check them out. They always seem to have great deals. Every major US carrier and all available Treo models and a bunch of others can typically be acquired for little to nothing. But of course, you've got to sign up for a new plan.... and early termination will really cost you if try to just get a device and run.
    Something old, something new. I got a ringer switch and 800W .

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