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    When I got my 755 the first week they were out I loved Blazer. I've followed all the suggestions here of clearing cache and such to help speed it up. Even being on Sprint's high speed network Blazer is starting to get as slow as my old slow speed verizon 650.

    I've reached the point where, with full strength signal, I am getting "The page download could not be completed. Please try again later" about 20% of the time. I refresh or reload the page 2 -4 times and it will finally display. This are lightweight pages, mostly text, from craigslist and such.

    Anyone experiencing the backward slide in Blazer?
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    Yep! I have been for about a week now. I think Sprint is doing something with their servers as it is reported at in various areas. Some places are starting to get better. I was better this morning, and back to the download not completing this afternoon. I reprovisoned my phone and it did not help. I am pretty sure it is Sprint doing something on their end. Check this out:
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    Same here, appears to be network related, not Treo
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    also, when you clear your cache you might want to also clear your history...
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    I still have this problem on my Treo 755p on Sprint. Strangely my wife's Treo 755p is still snappy and loads web pages much faster in a direct comparison
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    STBXXL I have this happen occasionally, but not anywhere near as much as it was a few weeks ago. I do feel there was a network problem at that time that has been resolved. I did do one thing which I feel helped me- I set my memory limit for storing pages at 6MB. I experimented with 0, and 8MB and for me 6 seems to work best.
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    I'm using Off Flush 2.0. It's set to fast flush the cache when my 755P is turned off whenever the free cache is less than 40%. I've set the Blazer memory limit to 2MB and don't clear cache on exit. This appears to have solved all of my Blazer "lag" issues.

    This program is worth paying for. I'll do some searching to find who should get a check.

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