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    Hi guys,
    I have a 650 problem I can't quite figure out. I got this phone from ebay. According to the seller, the phone booted into a white screen and he wasn't sure how to fix it. He thought it might need a rom flash. I got the phone at a decently cheap price and set about trying to fix it up with zero luck.
    The problem with the phone is that it gets past the grey palm screen, then boots into a white screen with a thin black line flashing at the top. The keyboard also starts flashing and becomes useless. I can't do any of the resets that require the keyboard because pushing on the keys doesn't register. I can get into the bootloader though, so I was able to flash the rom. That didn't change anything, so my guess is that the problem is an installed app. I have tried doing a firmware update using an sd card, but the phone doesn't boot to the point where it recognizes the card.
    Is it possible to completely reset the phone without using the keyboard or by going through the bootloader? Is there a way to reinstall Garnet on the phone?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Edit: The phone gets past the palm loading screen. The white screen shows up _before_ the grey palm screen. My mistake.
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