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    Hi there-

    I recently bought a slightly used Verizon 700p for my wife. I did not get a CD-rom w/ the various installs. I've not been able to get her syncing w/ the palm desktop software either via bluetooth (unreliable) or cable (never connects).

    When I started looking deeper into which Hotsync application to use, I finally noticed a note on the bottom of the support page that states "If possible, we suggest you use the Treo 700p software CD to install Palm Desktop; the web download at this link is a generic version that doesn't have the customizations for Treo 700p smartphones."

    Now, I called Verizon to get a CD and they punted me to Palm. I call (voice) and chatted (text) w/ tech support at Palm, who punted me to palm sales. Palm sales suggested I talk with Palm support. I'm getting really annoyed.

    All I want is the right software for the Palm 700p and Mac OSX so I can get this device working properly. I'm happy to pay for it. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Don't know if the Mac OS X installs are in these downloads, but its worth a shot:
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    Thanks for the pointer -- this looks very promising. No MacOSX specific disk for the 700p, but that's clearly the right place to ask. Thanks again, Ben

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