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    Anyways I was on vacation and had been using treo only for internet/navigation ect.(I have started to leave my laptop at home and go 100% just treo). Well the 3rd day my phones backlight went out. For the past week I noticed my backlight would fade after 10-20 mins of use with the unit getting hot (which is normal) but it just shut off sunday and hasnt come back on.

    Anyways I love the treo but the hardware issues are just unacceptable, so monday I should have a new BB 8830 and this time I am done with treos and not going back.

    I guess whats odd is I have a 755p that was bought on launch date and hasnt had a single issue. But then again they dont use a gig of data in a week and send out 3-4k+ text messages.

    So if anyone wants TomTom Nav 6 software only(You need a 3rd party bluetooth GPS unit) PM me I will accept paypal of $120 shipped (price is negotiable). I will also just give you my 2 gig mini SD card (BB takes micro so the mini is no use to me) it comes with a mini SD to SD adapter and its sanddisk brand.

    Also if anyone wants an extra treo USB cable I have 2 or 3 of them so I figure $6 should cover shipping and paypal costs.
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    Sorry to hear that. Especially since I have never had hardware or software problems with my Treo. I use them heavily for email, internet, text messaging and phone. I typically make 1200 to 1500 minutes worth of calls a month, receive all of my work email on my Treo using EAS, 1000 text messages a month, etc. Maybe it is luck of the draw on quality control?
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