I finally got around to hard resetting and restoring contacts/memo/calender/call-Log/tasks.

Trying to call my one same friend TWICE using Bluetooth within 10 mins and the phone stalled on me, Laughed, then rebooted. Not once.... but twice.. No active hacks installed, no BG apps running. Before that I've had the phone reboot a few times and I ran #*#377 to see the error and it pointed to an error I had yesterday, doesn't exactly register the new one.

Personally this is day 3 or 4 and i'm truly disappointed.

I am not using Email, not doing anything too data intensive (chatopus,etc).
I hoped the MR would fix things but faith has been mis-placed and lost.

I got a year and a half on my VZW Contract, now im looking at other options sorry to say.