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    how long will it take before you post the prc file? will you be able to just run that file and thats it?
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    Ok, Palm has just released their official update to VersaMail after Chamm and I got our own package to work, I have re-packaged it for easier installation without using Hotsync.

    I've taken the time to package all the Official Palm VersaMail 3.5.4 files needed into one big self extracting PRC file. This file will only be available for a short time as I don't want any nasty letters from lawyers.

    Please note you do not need to delete the files listed by Chamm. This is a revision of those directions based on a official fix from Palm.

    Here are the instructions from the begining.

    1. You should have already performed the Verizon MR 1.10 firmware update. If you haven't do so by going Here

    If you have done the update I would highly recommend performing a hard reset just to make sure everything is cleared out.

    2. Download my packaged file from Here

    You can download it from your Blazer browser, or download it to a PC or MAC to install via Hotsync, Bluetooth File Transfer or SD card. I like Blazer because I don't need to Hotsync anything, which is better.

    3. After copying the file to your Treo via whatever method you picked above the file will open and will copy the files needed and prompt you to reboot the phone.

    That's it. Enjoy
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    what about installing Versamail 3.5.1 from the CD or the EAS update?

    should that be done before we run your prc file?
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    No need to do anything but run the file from a clean phone. Basically this is Versamail 3.5.4 put in a prc that doesn't need you to install Versamail first via the CD or Hotsync.
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    Excellent work! I had no clue how to build a PRC, so that's where my level of knowledge stopped. You built the PRC using the VM354v2, correct?

    Thanks again!
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    That's correct and adding the 4 extra files to it. The program used to make PRC's is called Nutshell by the way.

    Thank you Chamm. We need to work for Palm!
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    You guys ROCK. I've been so pissed about this bug since I noticed it that I couldn't see straight. I too never sync my Treo but just use the EAS to keep what I need updated. When I realized that NONE of my calendar data was available, I wanted to kill someone.
    But this saved the day. I struggled and couldn't get the upgrade to work using the original instructions, but with the single PRC file it worked great first time!!!

    Thanks a ton to chamm for figuring out the cure, and thanks a ton to darthvadereric for making it simple to apply. Both you guys ROCK!!
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    I'll also mention it appears that my Treo is a little snappier still with the new Versamail. The MR took a little bit of the app-swapping delays away, but this new Versamail seems to improve it even more. I think most of the problems we were having before could probably be attributed to the old version of Versamail. Makes sense given that how many posts others have made about how eliminating Versamail from their phones sped everything up. Unfortunately, I can't do without Versamail cause like I said, I use the EAS to keep everything in sync.
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    was just on Palm's website - they just changed the 1.10 directions to include upgrading to Versamail 3.5.4 - they give a link to it on the website. You have to enter your serial # but they have it.
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    OMG! Did you see their release date. 7-1-07. WTF!!! Oh well. At least we got ours out before palm. I will see how their file works but I'm almost inclined to use this single PRC file just so I don't have to download anything. LOL
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    Thank you all very much. I used the all-in-one .prc file downloaded from after deleting the files named in the original how-to message.

    First, I did a reset with the D-pad "up" so that nothing was loaded. Then using Blazer I downloaded the .prc file to the device, ran the installer, did the soft reboot and all is right with the world . . . or at least I can get my calendar. Now to see if direct push still works.

    What a great community. Thank you all very much.

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    I broke down and bought the Nutshell Pro software. I've been wanting it for a while and thought it would be nice for people to not have to click any prompts. This is why I've updated the package and modified my post. I'm going to post a new thread for people to go straight to instead of seeing two pages, which may confuse.

    Thanks again. I can't believe they came out with the update right after I finished. Unreal!
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    Palm has posted an official fix. Per Palm's request, and per my original promise, I have removed the original files I posted. I'd like to keep this thread kicking for a few days to get peoples' reactions on Palm's official upgrade. Please post your results here!
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    I cannot seem to locate this official fix anywhere on Palm's site. I have installed their EAS update already but the calendar sync over wireless is still a no go. Could someone post the link to the offical fix?

    OK-I missed it. For those others who are quick on the draw, look for the little check marks to the left and there is a link to update to 3.5.4. It works well and does it quick. Don't know if it fixes the issue yet until I start doing some appointments accepting. Note that the install will uninstall then quit if it detects the previous version. I let it go, then ran the install again, verified version after the install completed.

    Here is the link directly to it, you'll need the S/N off your phone, pop the battery off, get the number, then you are setup.
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    with this new update, something seems different with the way Versamail alerts you to having a new email. There is no envelope with the # of unread emails anymore! Why is that?
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    ok - so i just hard reset my phone again and this time installed the officialy Palm Versamail 3.5.4. Same thing - when i get a new email it will flash a little alarm symbol in the upper left corner but no "official" mail icon. Any way to get it back?
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    Not that I know of.
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    Boy, am I glad to have found you folks. I lost about 3 hours today, after "updating" my 700P (VZW) from 1.06 to 1.10, and then doing the 3.5.1 -> 3.5.4 VersaMail update using Palm's installer. After near-countless hard resets, soft resets, and warm resets, I find that whenever I install 3.5.4 (even on a completely "clean" machine), I get into an endless looping restart cycle.

    After over an hour on the phone with Palm (where the rep called in Level 2), they advised me to downgrade to 3.5.1 and try to get another HW unit with 1.06 on it, and that they're "working on" fixing the issue. So I've now now got a half-hobbled 1.10 and 3.5.1 solution.

    I'm gunshy about installing the 3.5.4 PRC earlier in the thread, but do you think that would be the solution that would remedy everything?

    And after I'd installed the 1.10 updater, there were a couple unknown icons (one "dc" and one "CDMA updater") that I couldn't stop myself from clicking on. Is it possible that I somehow over-wrote a portion of the ROM, which is causing the looping restart?

    Thanks in advance for any help this community can offer!
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    This was a great thread. My problem after updating to version 1.10 was that the last character in the subject line of all emails was missing and my calendar wouldn't sync. I wiped the unit clean, installed only VersaMail but even that didn't work. I wiped it clean again, restored from backup and updated to VersaMail 3.5.4 and it is working perfectly. Verizon is sending me a replacement unit because they apparently don't know about the VersaMail fix.

    On related note, because I have had "issues" in the past and often the result is duplicate contacts in Outlook (nice result), I purchased RS Delete Duplicated Contacts from It's $10 and I've used it enough times to totally justify the purchase. That, along with the new Versamail seems to have resolved things. BTW, it irks me that Outlook doesn't have a duplicate removal tool for anything in Outlook. Ah, Microsoft . . .
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    This is a great forum. I downloaded the VersaMail 3.5.4 prc to my sd card, did a backup, then a hard reset of the device. After it rebooted, I installed the prc. BEFORE I restored my device, I went into the backup directory on my PC an deleted the files listed in the first or second post of this thread, then did a restore. It works flawlessly, and I might add that it syncs the calendar items and contacts much faster than the version I downloaded from Palm One. Thanks for all your efforts.
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