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    If someone were to log on to a website and post, and I wanted to find out their IP address, what would show up if they posted through Blazer? Is there any way to determine their location?
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    I use StatCounter on my own website and when I access the site on my Treo (or through tethering) it shows my IP as some variation of

    [some ip] (Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wireless)
    New Jersey, Livingston, United States

    The IP is always different. My account is in New York and I'm currently in Massachusetts, but it always reports as Livingston, NJ.

    Blazer does not show up as one of the results in the bar chart of what browsers my visitors are using, but there is one bar that doesn't have any name at all next to it. I suspect that may be Blazer.
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    Perfect, thanks.

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