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    I have about 4500 pictures that I've taken with my various Treos over the years and I've got them all stored on a 1GB 50X SD card which I use in my Treo. I'm currently using about 600MB of the 1GB but I am looking to buy a bigger SD card but I want to make sure it's as fast and compatible as my current one. I've tried a couple generic 2GB SD cards which don't have any speed rating written on them and they are EXTREMELY slow. So, my question is, what is the best 2GB or larger SD card out there for my 700p?

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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    I was planning on buying a new one tomorrow as well- either 4 or 8 GB. Anyone have ANY input on this? Most reliable/fastest are my top priorities...

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    From Gizmodo:

    Hope this helps.

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    One caveat: that Gizmodo review is of SDHC cards. I don't think the original firmware on the 700p supports those.

    I'm currently using a Transcend 150x 2GB that seems speedy enough. The 1GB Sandisk Extreme I was using previously was quite fast.
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    My current favorite is the Transcend Class 6 8GB SDHC card. It is very fast, and has 8GB of space! (It's pretty cheap to boot).

    (Note: You must be running the latest firmware update to use this and other SDHC card).
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    I have found the SD photo cards work great. I have a 2GB Elite Pro 50x card by Kingston. It's all about the read write speed. Bitmage Transcend 150x 2GB, kicks my ****!
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