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    Hi there,

    I bought a treo 680 unlocked on ebay when I was in US recently. It was originally under cingular. I was able to use it under T mobile in Nashville for about three weeks before I came back to Malaysia a few days ago.

    In Malaysia, I use a local carrier celcom ( on that treo quite successfully. Until today that is.

    I installed an update available on palm website and after the installation completed, my phone can't be used anymore. It keeps rebooting when it reaches the SIM PIN stage.

    I believe what happen is that the phone ROM is now locked by to cingular/ATT and hence, won't work in Malaysia when it could not find an ATT sim card.

    I would like to know if your unlock service would be able to solve this problem.

    Thank you

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    you may want to look through the this thread. It is "sticky" on this site.

    jamesgangut 680 Custom Rom 05/30/2007, 05:00 PM

    Was your phone an original unlocked 680 ?

    I purchased a Crimson unlocked from the Palm website in December 2006
    Two days ago I installed the custom rom #2 and all went smoothly.

    Phone, Internet, GPRS, MMS, SMS and all my programs worked as before.

    I also use Celcom3G in Malaysia (Penang)

    I did have some troubles before and after the update with the MMS part, but I took it to Wisma Celcom in Penang and they sorted it. Had to do the 3G network on a 2g card so the APN was wrong. Now works fine.

    Good Luck


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