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    I can't seem to find a list of features I get when upgrading to pTunes Deluxe. Maybe I'm missing it on the site, but I'm sort of considering upgrading.

    I'm running v4.0.3 right now, Basic. I really would like AAC support so I won't need 2 copies of music to transfer the mp3s to my Treo. For me, right now, $20 to upgrade isn't worth that. What else do I get with the upgrade, besides the subscription stuff (I'm not subscribed to anything)?
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    WMA files support. I can sync any songs I have in "My Music" in Window's Media to my Treo. Also the most recent Deluxe supports Window's Media 11.

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    I use Mac OSX and all my music is in AAC, well, 99.9%. A few mp3s snuck in, usually ones downloaded from websites (free offerings from artists, stuff like that).

    I'm able to sync a playlist using Missing Sync, so I still get that functionality.
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    I enjoy internet radio. Including Talk radio with mystery theater and comedians. Having been deluxe for a while, I don't know all the differences. I think it's great to have access to internet radio w/o paying an additional fee for syrius or whatever else is out there. iTunes got me started and now it's a whole new world for those of us chained behind the desk w/o time to look for or know the names of artists.

    I come from a time when AM radio was hot. Now in the town I live in, AM is talk radio and music is on FM stations. But it's all duplicated. Sometimes the stations are playing the exact same song. Internet radio gives me variety. I use pTunes Deluxe for that.
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    Well, I emailed them and they sent me this link...

    I also realized I had the bundle version, not the Basic, so the upgrade fee is $30, not $20. I'm really not that big on music, and listen to my iPod when I need a fix, and really only want AAC support. $30 is entirely too much just for that, at least for now. If I were to actually find a Treo I'm 100% satisfied with (the 700p's too bulky) I'd consider paying it, but for now, especially since I'm due for an upgrade in about 6 months and I'm not sure what I'm going to, I'll suffer.

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