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    I'm sorry if this is too easy? and I'm just too bone headed to find the answer but I have tried!!! UGGH I want to know if its possible to Hotsync my Palm 700p over the internet to a notebook or desktop system that is connected to the internet but has a dynamically assigned IP address??
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    if the IP address is dynamic, won't you have a harder time finding out the IP address?

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    you will need an IP forwarding service.
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    I use
    This way you can set as your ip address and the desktop client will always keep it updated to point to the correct place.
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    DynDNS is a another service that I've used for years. Works great, never had an issue. 100% free.
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    Keep in mind that the hotsync over the net is NOT encrypted. Someone could conceivably sniff all your data that you're syncing.

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