I have been around these forums for some time now and have learned a great lot from everyone here.

Now, I am in need of some opinions on hardware. My company is considering a move from Sprint to ATT and thus, a hardware change is possible. Since I have never used a Treo680 (primarily 650p, 700p, 755p, 700wx) I have no idea of the pros and cons. I have just a few questions.

How does it compare operationally to a 650/700?

What are the major differences that a user will see versus the 650/700?

Are the same problems that plague the CDMA versions apparent in the GSM version?

I greatly appreciate and value any input that the users of these forums provide. If I am asking the wrong questions, just think of me as a Treo noob that knows nothing about the hardware and post your opinions of the 680.

Thank you very much for your time and thoughts!