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    Just curiously, I wonder if anyone else has encountered or done something like this...I put a tiny piece of electrical tape over the LED on the Treo. That thing is like a laser beam in my eyes! It started bugging me from the moment I got the darn thing. Sooo, some scissors, a role of electrical tape, and problem solved.

    Am I the only one?

    EDIT: ..yeah I know..its LED. LOL. OOPS. Cant change the thread title though.
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    mine isn't too bad actually, and it's only on when it's on the charger or there's a message waiting. The lights on my router are far worse than this....
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    What LCD?
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    Yeah, I use Butler. The only time it comes on now is when I have a message.

    It is quite the beacon though!!!

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    A bigger Treo fan than I'll admit.
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    me too, I use Butler. It's excellent. I like to know I have a voicemail with the orange lite on. Well, I use my treo for business and it's important to get to those voice messages timely.
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    Butler and LEDOff both look good. But I grabbed Butler because I also have been running into some cranky issues with alarms (using Tasks) and Butler addresses that too.
    Thanks all!

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