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    Does this work with the 755? It listed under my bonus software on mypalm, but the download page doesnt show it as a supported phone, only the 700p is listed.

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    I use it on my 755p. I use it mainly to retrieve my updated TV listings from my home PC. I use Pocket TV Browser that updates only via an automated tool on my PC. The PC getd updated daily with the next 14 days of listings. I log intp avvenu and pick my home PC. The directory where the listings are is the default directory that avvnue opens for my home PC. I only have to click the "next" link twice before downloading the listings.

    This works great for a wireless solution where otherwise it would require a hotsync for updating.
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    Wow thanks! I will try it out.
    The value of knowledge is not in its possession, but in its use.

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