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    Here my question.

    If I remove the backup file from the palm desktop software will I be able to sync the TX to the same desktop software that I am using the 650 with ?

    Also If I go back to the 650 say a few days later can I use the same way to go back?


    Just something I want to try
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    I don't see why not. I just rename my backup folder to a different name or give the other device a second hotsync id.
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    I don't want to name it something else. Because I need to use programs that are in the 650 in the TX.
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    Create a copy of the folder and rename it to the new id. That should do it.
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    I'm wondering if this worked o.k. for you? I have a TX and am considering getting a 650 until Verizon releases the 755. I would use the same user ID and am willing to give up the TX completely, but not sure if "going backwards" is an issue.

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