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    The other day my 680 turned off in the middle of a call for no reason. It turned on in a few minutes but it said it was charging at 99%. I plugged it in and finished my called and charged it all night and the next day it said 99% all day.

    I decided maybe I should update the firmware. It died part way through. I tried soft, warm and har resets, they did nothing. But then it came back after a long time for no apparent reason. I wanted to stop it but there was no way to. So, I let it keep going and it died again and wont come back.

    WTF do I do? I was actually expecting a very important call soon, and this 10-30 minute upgrade is now on minute 60...
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    Can you transfer your sim card to another device so you can at least get calls, then try the upgrade, can that be done without the sim, i don't know.
    good luck
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    Thanks for wishing me luck, it worked. I took the battery out of the phone for about 10 minutes then put it back in and pressed the power button a few times and it came back on. It finished the upgrade and I synced everything (it had been over a week).

    So, at the moment it is working, but the battery is still stuck at 99%. I'm currently scouring the forums for that one and I guess if it dies again I'll do yet another exchange.

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