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    I just went through a couple of weeks of tweaks on my Treo 650 custom ROM and had some tips to share. To start, if you have a Treo 650 and have not done a custom ROM, DO IT. It is very easy and appears to be very safe. I have uploaded over 50 ROMS to my phone without issues. I almost gave up my 650 and even Palm OS because of the resets and low memory. Now that I have finished the tweaks, I have not had a reset in weeks AND 16MB of free memory on the device. So here are my tips and learnings:

    1. Read Shadowmite's instructions at
    2. Use this tool to upload and download the ROM from your phone
    3. This file is a good start on which files are safe to delete, there are others that are also safe to delete
    4. Use this tool to manipulate the ROM file. Also, keep a really close eye on the files, I have noticed some files that I thought deleted come back
    5. You can also delete the following files
    -- Any language you are not using -- I delete everything but English with NO ISSUES
    -- Some of the control panels you are not using can be deleted. They contain "Pnl" in the name. I delete the VPN and Bluetooth handfree.
    -- "SetupApp.." I have deleted this and done a hard reset with no issue... just manually calibrate your screen afterwards.
    -- Cardinfoapp
    -- Launcher -- you can delete this BUT you cannot download or accept via IR/bluetooth .prc files directly onto main memory

    6. DO NOT DELETE GRAFITTI2... although you may not use it on the Treo, it also appears to control the touchscreen and keyboard. You will not be able to use the device without it; however, you can always restore the back-up

    7. BACK-UP THE ORIGINAL ROM. Always a smart thing to do.
    8. Make sure to replace FATFS with FATFS32 and add the High Capacity SD driver
    9. You CAN add both "prc" and "pdb" to the custom ROM. The only thing is that only "pdb"s must be those not altered by the program. For example, I have added LexSpell's (by the way a great program) English dictionary to my ROM with no issue.
    10. If you use small fonts in blazer do not delete "PalmSGHiResFonts.pdb"
    11. Do not feel like you have to make the ROM the same size as the original. Any savings in size will become available as cache which will allow your palm to run more reliability.

    Here's what I have in my ROM. Some of these are indicated elsewhere as not working in the ROM, but updated version appear to work without any issue for me:
    -- TomTom navigator program
    -- Backup Man v 1.55
    -- Butler
    -- LexSpell
    -- Phone Technician
    -- Pda Reach
    -- Seven Client (make sure to redownload ALL data after installing in ROM or you will have resets)
    -- Documents to GO
    -- Handzipper lite
    -- PalmPDF (WOW... what a great program and free too!)
    -- OnCradleOn
    -- Keycaps 650

    The Programs I could not get in ROM were:
    -- Pocket Tunes (last 3.x version).
    -- Preference/Reset Doctor
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