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    I just got the Treo 680 earlier this week and find it surprisingly likeable, in contrast to most others on this site. I have a Macbook, so the easy syncing for me is key and I have already figured it out and am far from tech savvy. The thing is that AT&T site has the Treo 750 at a relatively cheap price for a refurbished phone. I know people talk about it like it has more bells and whistles and I don't wanna get to liking the Palm OS for it to be pulled in a matter of months. My only thing is wondering if everything will be as easy to switch over to the phone from my computer as the 680 has been with Hotsync. I have seen Missing Sync get mentioned quite a bit for getting contacts to switch over, but will this also work for calender syncing and easy transfering programs? I apologize if this question is too noob, but I really prefer ease to bells and whistles, but if the bells and whistles can also be easy, then that's even better.

    Any help would be great.

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    I have used several Treos and Macs over the past several years. Using a Palm OS Treo allows you to work with several programs that have a desktop equivalent and sync between both a Treo and a Mac. This is not easy to do with a Windows based Treo and often impossible.

    The following are some of the programs that I use on my Treo with a Mac desktop version. (using missing sync)

    Pocket Quicken - Quicken
    Docs to Go - All Microsoft docs and PDF files
    pTunes - iTunes
    Built in photo browser - iPhoto
    Splash ID - Splash ID desktop
    Splash Shopper - Splash Shopper Desktop
    Agendus Pro - Address book, calendar, tasks
    memos - Markspace memopad

    Hope that helps.
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    I have also used MS/Mac/680 go to the Mark space message boards, I know they just updated the software and some have problems, I am still on mac os 10.3.9 and MS previous software evverything works great.
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    i am beginning to think i'm going to stick with the 680 as it is a bit more stable.

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