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    At night I want to force all of my calls DIRECTLY to voicemail without ringing the handset or the caller hearing any rings. But I still need to get voicemail alerts.

    The only thing I've come across is the following from a thread:

    try dialing ##3836#. this will bring up the "force evdo" screen. make sure it is NOT in force evdo! If it is it will send all calls to voicemail. NOTHING in that screen should be checked. this has happened to me. once i unchecked evdo only, everything was fine.

    I just came from Nextel, where you could filter calls directly to voicemail or set call forwarding to voicemail. Sprint says they have no idea how to do this. Their only suggestion was to turn the ringer off.

    Is there a sprint number I can forward my phone to so voicemail pickup immediately? Then I could just use Profile Manager.

    I wonder, is there a better way to do this with a 3rd party application? Or should I use the ##3836# technique? It doesn't sound ideal.

    I also posted this at the sprintusers forum earlier but haven't had any suggestions.

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    seach for a program called callblock

    or. lightwav
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    That rocks!

    I'll check out CallFilter and CallBlock.

    So far, in the week that I've owned my 755p, everything I've been disappointed with, I found a great 3rd party application that does exactly what I'm looking for.

    Looks like these do too.

    Now if I could only get Sprint to set my Voicemail time stamp to my time zone!

    Thanks for the help and advice.

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