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    I have been corresponding with BSE about getting the skin developed for the 755p - and specifically getting a commitment from them about the availability for our Treos. (I have it on a 680 and the quality is really very good).


    They are expecting the Treo 755p "dummy phone" any day now (firm order). And should have the Skin available 24 hours after that. (cool!)

    The president of BSE said he will make available to me/us a discount code we can use when ordering to make up for lost time / and to "reward us" for our patience. (nice!)

    I hope everyone appreciates responses like that....I certainly do.


    Hello Alfred,

    We sincerely apologize for the seemingly never ending delays and certainly understand your frustration. Unfortunately we have had some trouble getting our hands on a 755p display device from Sprint to design the Skin around....We did find out today that a 755p is on it's way to us and should arrive later this week. The 755p Skin should be available within 24 hours of it's arrival and we will be sure to offer a discounted introductory price for those who were able to wait.

    Thanks again for your patience. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Best Regards,

    Michael Herring
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    Sounds great although I ordered 750 skins already. should get them next week.
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    The 755p and the 750 is the same skin according to BSE. They have them available today
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    HERE IS A CODE FOR ALL US 755p (and 750 users) SENT TO ME TODAY:

    If the Treo forum members enter the code "755p" at checkout they will receive the Treo 755p skin for $4.99 each through July 25th.
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    Ahhh man I already ordered!!!!
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    QUICK REVIEW (adapted from original post in the Treo 680 forum) :

    fully body skin (includes screen protector):

    - great quality, goes on well with patience. and leaves a "rubbery" feel in your hand which is better than the silicone cases, but you will lose that "Soft touch" paint feeling. I imagine with use (i.e. hand use etc....this will soften or become a little "smoother").
    - Also, ZERO bubbles, imperfections!.... This product goes on great !!!! (this cant be overstated enough)
    - advice: save the side pieces for last

    as for the screen protector :

    1. I have never had a screen protector go on that perfectly. period. This was a pleasure to apply
    2. it covers the screen to the very edge (Should prevent "dust buildup" in the edges which I personally hate)
    3. THE "BAD": comparing this to the standard Palm screen protectors, the stylus does not drag smoothly (it has a bit of grippiness to it)
    4. MORE GOOD: It does not have a "textured-look" ....and looks perfect while viewing your screen (no pixelation or blur)
    NOTE: Make sure to clean the screen meticulously before applying the screen protector

    This is an excellent product. Excellent price. As long as you do not have to use graffiti and drawing applications where movement/dragging on the screen with the stylus is very important to you - then it is perfect. But for the price of the product, it is almost as if they are including the screen protector "for free" and still are cheaper and better than everyone else around there.
    (this is not a "negative" per-se.... but rather, it is important to note for those where using the sylus specifically dragging across the screen is important)

    From comparisons to pictures I have seen from other skins - this one covers the Treo 755p more thoroughly. I would not even consider another manufacturer.

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    So it took them MONTHS to just add the numbers "755" to their existing 750 skin description? Nice.
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    Is there a separate piece just for the SD card door on the side? How many pieces are there for the side with the SD card door? Also, is there a piece that covers the area above the screen (the chrome area where the main earpiece is)?
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    I am not trying to be the BSE "cheerleader" here (although it may be too late already)....

    But, essentially, they needed a 755p in hand to confirm that the skin from the 750 fits, and fits "yes"

    As far as what's included :
    - side pieces (but not the door itself)
    - chrome piece above the screen around the earpiece (but not the actual ear piece part)
    - rear battery cover (but not the button - it would probably just rub out of place if the button was included)
    - rear top completely
    - screen (completely covers : edge-to-edge)
    - not included : chrome sides along the screen (bad), keyboard housing (good)

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    What's the "keyboard housing"?
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    Anyone know if ShieldZone's Invisible Shield has a piece for the SD card slot's door?
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi View Post
    Anyone know if ShieldZone's Invisible Shield has a piece for the SD card slot's door?

    Yes it does...I installed the ShieldZone on my 755 and if you seach the thread you should find pictures of it....
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    I don't see pictures of it in this thread.

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