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    Treo Visual Call is a new app developed by me.
    Name: Treo Visual Call
    Version: 0.9B Beta
    Price: freeware

    TVC changes the incoming call screen to a much cooler one. It features:

    - large contact photos!!!
    - fully skinable interface!!!
    - ignore via sms option
    - screen backlight flashing

    This is just the default iCall skin. You can create your own using the included SkinSDK!


    If you are interested - try it out and let me know what you think!
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    I'm trying this on my 755p and no picture is coming up. I put one in the TVC folder of my SD card, named it accordingly with the number #######.jpg and pressed activate.

    When a call comes in, it is using the picture in the original phonebook entry, and if I try to press call, answer or ignore with text the phone is resetting. If I just wait and miss the call, it resets.

    Does it have anything to do with having a picture for this profile in my regular contacts already?

    Looks like a cool app, I hope I can get it to work.
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    Looks interesting, but I would rather it just use the contact pictures DB.
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    I try not to be (too) negative about new apps, but I must say that this is opposite of what I'd be interested in.

    The smallish picture with LARGER text and more information on the call screen would be something I'd want to see. Calling out and coming in. I often find I can't see the info on the screen when I'm outside or have my sunglasses (polarized) on because it's fairly small.

    And no, I'm not (too) blind.. I can see high res fonts fine if it's not in the sunlight or such.
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    thanks for testing.
    first of all, I have only tested it on the 650, cause I dont have any other treo, if anyone is willing to help me get it done for other models - contact me on email/icq/msn.

    I will add support for default contacts picture asap.
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    I can't get the picture to come up on my 700p, it's 320x240, named correctly and in the right folder on the card, but it still comes up with 'no photo'.
    I'd like to see this work, I don't like the built in photo id, the picture is too small.
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    maybe this is the problem. you MUST have pnojpeglib.prc installed!
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    Zoinks! My bad, I am using a demo Treo before installing it on my own (better safe than sorry!), I didn't have it installed on the demo, once beamed from my 700p, all good! Now, to check out skin making online!
    I notice there is a lag of a second or 2 while it shows the stock display, is this normal or just my 700p?
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    It is normal. It it the time it loads the photo from card.
    SkinSDK is included in the archive!
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    hmmm... the domain seems to have expired... Is this app available for download anywhere else? Is this app using the contacts photos yet?

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