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    I have two separate devices running Good (a VZW 700P and a unlocked 680 on Tmobile).

    Yesterday, the 700P suddenly stopped sync'ing mid-day. The 680 was/is fine.

    Our IT dept. checked the GMM server, and it showed that it was connected to my VZW device and showed "normal" status, but I could not send or receive. With no other options, they disconnected BOTH devices from the server and reprovisioned both. I downloaded OTA setup and installed it on both.

    The 680 setup went perfectly and it is again connected. However, the 700P makes it all the way through the process and at the end I get a Good error screen with the message:

    "Your handheld has an error. Please contact your HelpDesk. 70:Handheld is not enabled for any services"

    This is my primary device (I only use the 680 for international travel), and it has always worked perfectly until now (2 years +).

    All other data related services (web, personal email (Snapper), Google maps, et al) are working perfectly.

    My helpdesk has done all they know how to do.

    Any advice? This is challenging, as I need this device and it suddenly just randomly died and will not resuscitate.

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    What version of GMM are you running?
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    have you done a *228 option 1 to re-program your VZW 700p? Also *228 option 2 after that.
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    I had the same problem as you described, but my IT guy was able to get it fixed. The trick was to do a "hard reset" on the device to retore to the factory setting, that was to remove the battery, hold down the red power button, and place the battery back, wait until the Power Accessed message, and then release the power button. When prompted, select the delete. Please note that this process will erase all the applications that you have installed.

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