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    So I was performing the sd update on my verizon 700p and the screen went black pefore the progress bar was even up. I waited a few minutes thinking maybe it was part of the update but nothing ever happened. I had my treo plugged into my computer and it was charging over usb, maybe that was the reason something went wrong? But my problem is that my treo is not turning on at all, I tried soft resets, hard resets, different batteries and it's just dead. Someone please give me so help wit this??
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    I'm not sure what to tell you, except all the instructions made it very clear that the Treo was to be plugged into the power adaptor (the wall charger) as well as the USB. Specifically for the SD update it says you MUST be plugged into the wall charger. You might not have had enough battery power to complete the installation. You might try the "battery out, wall charger in, hard reset" trick that some used when the Sprint MR came out.
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