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    Just upgraded from a Treo 650 to a Treo 755p for my 07 Acura MDX and the pairing process was great, except that only incoming calls come through the hands free link system. If I dial out from the phone it doesn't go through the hands free and I have to use the phone 650 worked great.

    Any thoughts or advice?


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    I'm having the opposite problem with the Treo 755p and an 07 Acura RDX. When I get incoming calls in the car it initiates the handoff to the Handsfree link, but then drops it and the call goes back to the phone. I then have to use the voice command "transfer" to send the call back to the Handsfree link. Another resulting problem is that the incoming calls show up like new numbers on the phone even though they are saved contacts on the phone. This brings up the annoying save contact feature on the phone unnecessarily. Making calls from the handsfree link works fine.
    I had the 650 and the 700p on Sprint in the past and had none of these problems with the handsfree link. I can't tell what is different or how to fix it.
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    I am out of town right now, so I can't try this, but let me know if this helps...

    GoTo Preferences (in your "Home" Menu), then Hands-Free, and click on the box that says "Always Route Calls to Hands-Free"...

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    I already have that selected in my Hands free preferences. The thing is that it starts to route the call, but then immediately sends it back to the phone.
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    Bluetooth stack on the 755 seem a little less stable than on my old 650. Using it with BMW's bluetooth, it will re-load the phone book about every 10 minutes. The 650 was rock solid, regarding bluetooth connection.
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    well I tried checking the "Always Route..." box to no avail. It still tries to connect to the hands free link then it fails to connect and I have to pick up the phone...any suggestions at this point would be appreciated.


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    Try the voice command "transfer". In all Acura's it will send the signal to the car even if it did not pick it up automatically. That is what I have to do, since it does not do it automatically like it used to.
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    thanks...I have been using that, but I know that I shouldn't have too. It seems that the 755p is working for some with 07 Acura's ( and not for others. I am going to call acura's hands free link tomorrow...
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    ...just spoke with Acura Hands Free Link Customer Service and they say that the Treo 650 software was written so that the default setting for outgoing calls would Route to the Hands Free system automatically and the 755p software was written to allow the call to remain private and with the phone only.

    There are other 2007 Acura owners who say the phone and the system work perfectly, so I don't buy their reasoning that there are different software versions of the 755p that allow it to work for some and not others...



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    Interesting, I was on a phone call, stepped into my car, turned the car on and the call automatically transferred to the Hands Free Link the system will automatically transfer when receiving a call or on an existing call, but will not work if making a call using the phone ( it attempts to connect, as I can see the headset icon on the phone for 1 second) and the call remains with the phone...
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    At this point I am tempted to do a hard reset to see if that does anything.
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    There are some others having the same issue here...if that makes you feel any better...PalmOne says it's a Acura HFL software issue and HFL says it's a PalmOne issue...
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    I disabled auto-answer on my Treo and now the handsfree works great.
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    Cjbell, I answered in the forum and then came here and saw your post....

    I too am puzzled by why it won't let me dial out from the handset. I guess to hit the "transfer" button each time is not the end of the world, but kind of annoying. please let me know if you find a solution.
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