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    The latest version of QuickTime includes an export to iPhone (cellular) setting which creates a .3gp file. I thought that this would let me create a movie file which I could view on my Treo 650 using the default Media application, but that doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else had luck with this?

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    I figured this out pretty quickly, and it looks like the new version of QuickTime was not necessary. In case anyone else is interested, I just did this:

    (1) File --> Export, Movie to 3G
    (2) Click the Options button
    (3) in the "Video" tab choose the video format of MPEG-4
    (4) Click OK, let it make the file, then send the file to your Treo. (I just sent it via Bluetooth.)

    I suspect you can also play around with the Data Rate to get better quality, but I didn't try that.

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    Do you have Quicktime Pro? In mine, the export part is still grayed out with Pro next to it.

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