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    What version should the Bluetooth manager be after updating with the Verizon MR?
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    It should be 3.1.2.
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    Thanks, that's what I've got.

    Has anyone noticed any improvement with BT since updating?
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    I had the MR loaded and a defective BT swapped out in the same week, and It seemed to work for a few days, and now (I am hoping completely unrelated to the MR) the earpiece just COMPLETELY stopped working.

    While the phone was working, I was a little confused over the new features of the headset. The headset is a motorola 505 that has Easy Pair, so it acts a little differently when you power it on... It immediately goes into pairing mode and if it finds a device to connect to it automatically connects. Once I figured it out, though it worked fine for the few days until the phone died...

    I called Verizon and they said I should have the replacement phone tomorrow by 7:00pm. I am curious if the new one will have the MR, or if I will have to get the update on the new phone...
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    I'm not sure my bluetooth is any better after the MR. I have a new Parott Minikit and the connection drops intermittently (not while on a call)
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    I have not noticed any improvements with bluetooth since the MR.
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    Jawbone headset. 700p wouldn't hold a connection more than 5 minutes if not in a call.

    No change after the MR
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    I use Cardo Scala 500. It worked intermiitently pre MR but it is a blast post MR! It is a delight now. Even when it goes into sleep mode after a minute or so if a call comes in i just touch the activate button on the headset and it pairs back up immediately. Vast improvement for me!

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    Mine sounds great on my GX470 now.
    gonna pull out a few of the headsets that sucked before today a nd test a few and see how they do.

    My bluetooth data recieve from my laptop has increased in speed 10 fold.

    so far im liking the BT fixes
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