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    Hi All. I have an issue that that is driving me nuts. I have a 700p, with Treo Alerts Installed to Nag me when I miss a call, or SMS. The software works great.

    My question is: Is there a means of clearing all the alerts, with the push of a button, rather than having to launch the alerts display, and using the touch screen to clear them?

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    This isn't what you are asking, but...
    You can turn off Messaging Alerts

    Prefs/Sounds & Alerts
    then Application drop down choose Messaging
    then uncheck Show Message Alerts
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    Thanks Haroldo: I realize that. I just want to quickly dismiss alerts with a swift key or button push, once I am aware that I have one.
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    Not sure if this works with Treo Alerts, but you can bring up the standard Treo alerts by holding the center 5-way button, then selecting the option for "clear all"

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